08 May 2010

An aspiring viral video with a guide for aspiring viral video makers

Recently we posted about the formula Great Creative + Lotsa Luck = Viral Success. We stand by it but were reminded this week that "great creative" has different rules if you aspire to go viral.

Keep them simple

Giovanni+Draftfcb in Rio de Janeiro produced a couple of simple, smart videos and posted them recently on YouTube.

The first video shows an "Ant protest" or Passeata de formigas. Common, real-life ants crawl about, carrying placards in Portuguese, Spanish and English, protesting Baygon, a household insecticide well-known outside North America.

The second video shows you how the first one was made. Just how did they get real ants to carry those signs? This video tells you how, and it's a good lesson in viral video making in general. Keep them simple.

You can see the first one here and the second one here.

Keep the budgets low

When it comes to viral, million-dollar production values are unnecessary and perhaps wrong. The budget for one TV commercial can supply a dozen or more attempts at viral. The more shots on goal you take, the better your luck at actually "going viral".

Parabens to my colleagues in Brasil who worked on this project. They always do excellent work.

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