02 July 2010

Freedom and Diversity

We often post about diversity -- or the lack thereof -- in the advertising business. By virtue of previous posts I've become acquainted with Derek Walker of Brown and Browner Advertising in Columbia, South Carolina. Derek writes about diversity in AdAge.com's Big Tent column.

At least, he used to. On 27 May 2010 he published his last column. I'm calling it to your attention for two reasons.

First, Derek's is an authentic, frustrated voice. Reading this column may upset you, or make you uncomfortable. That's probably normal -- and good.

Second, scroll down if you would and read the amazing comment posted by Harry Webber. He wrote about a Memorial Day experience that's equally appropriate for July 4th.

You can find Derek's article and Harry's comment here. If you like what Harry Webber wrote, give it a "thumbs up".

After you read Harry's comment, you'll understand how the fight for freedom is like the fight for diversity.

As we say in Latin: E pluribis unum. Out of many, one.

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