10 July 2010

The CMO: Not so endangered?

Executive recruiting firm Spencer Stuart has been tracking the average tenure of CMOs for the past few years. You may have the figure “18 months” in mind. You may also have in mind that this is an indicator of how hazardous is the changing landscape of marketing.

If so, perhaps the situation is improving. A year or so ago, CMO tenure was actually 28.4 months. Just a couple of weeks ago it moved up to 34.7 months. Healthcare and Financial services CMOs tend to stay longer. Automotive and media company CMOs don’t last as long.

None of this means that the pace of change is slower or that marketing no longer needs to innovate or adapt. In fact change is coming at us much more rapidly. It’s just that we won’t have to deal with the additional – and often unnecessary – change of command.

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