10 February 2010

"I'm not an ad man, I'm an ad businessman"

Recently we wrote about how agencies in smaller international markets exhibit the same kind of PT-boat flexibility we see in smaller U.S. agencies. In neither situation do you see the silos, sub-brands and sub-departments that prevent true collaboration among disciplines. Big agencies can be bureaucratic; smaller agencies can get to business solutions faster.

One of the best examples of this principle is Juan Saux, the owner of Mayo Publicidad in Lima, Peru, with offices in several neighboring countries of the Andean Pact. The headline above is my translation of what he said in this article appearing today on AdLatina.com. The article reports mostly his business philosophy, and we can assure you he is a businessman of startling acumen.

What the article doesn't say: Mayo (d/b/a Draftfcb in all of his countries) offers business solutions regardless of discipline. Juan has been around for a while, but the agency model is not Ye Olde Marketing. They are capable of many solutions a client would need.

That's the beauty of not segregating business functions and departments. To be sure, big agencies need not segregate, either. Mine doesn't. We can all learn a lot, however, from smaller agencies in any country.

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