16 February 2010

comScore acquires ARS

Last week comScore announced its acquisition of ARSGroup, combining two well-known names in the measurement of advertising messages. You can read the basic news story here.

This is not a routine merger of two companies that offer the same services. ARS is known mainly for pre-testing of TV commercials, often in the form of animatics, while comScore is "the global source of digital market intelligence and the most preferred measurement service".

Naturally, much will be made about the new media testing company taking over the company that for decades has served Ye Olde Marketing.

There's another way to look at it, however. ARS is used mainly for measuring advertising before it is produced and goes on the air, where comScore focuses on consumer behavior in the market. More than the emergence of digital media, this signals the emergence of measurement and accountability.

By the way, the newly-merged partners wasted no time working together. Take a look at this post on comScore's blog written by an executive from ARS.

This is a development worth watching.

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