05 May 2010

Wow! Now THAT was fast!

Headline, 28 April 2010: "Study: Marketing Departments To Reorganize."

Headline, 5 May 2010: "Mixed-Up Marketers: Execs Struggle With New Roles."

OK, ha ha. These two headlines are coincidental to one another, but both are really signs of the times. All of us struggle with continual changes in the media landscape (including retail), changes in our business models, and changes in how consumers choose to engage with our brands and products.

Here are the most interesting points from the two articles cited above.
  • Three-quarters of global marketing leaders expect to reorganize their departments by the end of 2011, according to a new Forrester study.
  • Why? The rise of digital and social media, plus "maladaptive" org charts that are slow to react to consumer needs, among other factors.
  • Marketers share only half their data with Sales, and assume that Sales shares only half their data with Marketing.
  • Among 500 marketers surveyed by Genius.com, 50% don't blog, 49% don't tweet, 25% don't use LinkedIn.
I wonder where they will be after the re-org? Readers?


  1. I foresee a wild ride of RFPs and agency reassignments -- even among the agency-client relationships that have been proactive about the convergence.

    This wave of reorgs will cause enormous friction, anxiety and disruption in the agency holding companies. And there's a good chance that many independent agencies will benefit from jumping into the scrum.

  2. McKinsey posted an article about behavioral strategy that has interesting insights and opinions about why managers support and, importantly, don't support innovation.