13 September 2011

Blogs are Social Media, too

Following up on our last post about Social Media Burnout, here is another thought on the subject, specifically having to do with blogs.

Blogs, as we’ve reported in the past, keep showing up in the obituary column. Blogging is dead. Blogging is journalism, and journalism is dead. Social Media has replaced blogs.

Blogs were the first major form of Social Media

Blogging, lest we forget, isn't really journalism -- it's the first major form of social media. Remember that when Facebook and Twitter were ramping up with early adopters, we called them "microblogging" platforms. This is important to remember, because if blogging is really Social Media, then we shouldn't use it to broadcast, we should use it to connect.

One less reason to fear Social Media Burnout

Aim your blogging at connecting with your social media community, not winning over legions of followers. Remember, authenticity trumps ubiquity. By just being yourself, you’ll be less likely to burn out.


  1. Totally agree, Steve. You hit the nail on the head. Blogging is really one of the FIRST forms of social media, because it encourages one-on-one dialogue with comments like this one. In fact, I often tell my clients that their blog should be the "hub" of their social media presence. It's where your Twitter and Facebook friends go to find out more about you and dig deeper into your content.

  2. Great posts on social media Steve. Much of what you say to individuals should also be said of brands-stay true to the brand, communicate when you have something to say that's of value to your audience. You'll keep your brand more relevant and healthier as a result.

  3. Fred, you are so right. A couple of weeks ago I was in a meeting when someone, referring to a large prospective client, asked "What if they tweeted everything they did all day?" My answer: "Very few people would follow them." Thanks for the encouraging words, my friend.