02 October 2009

A morning dip into social media

I get into the office early, when it's quiet. It's a great time to write without distraction and formulate my sinister plans for the business.

There's also time reserved for a quick tour of some Internet news sources and, increasingly, a survey of my vast social media empire (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, et. al.).

Two things caught my eye this morning. One was a site, Twilk.com, that will create a Twitter background from the photos of your followers/followees. Why not? (See the image above.)

The other was an AdAge.com article about "an incident that puts out-of-office digital activities in the spotlight." Given that I am now a blogger, this seemed like a worthwhile read.

Apparently a Chicago ad man of some renown started a website critical of Chicago's Olympic bid. If you understand Chicago, you realize this wouldn't amuse the city's political, business and social leadership.

I don't know what will happen to this fellow, but regardless of your views on Chicago, politics, the Olympics, freedom of speech, etc., this struck me as a childish thing to do.

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