21 September 2009

"I don't know which half of my ad budget I'm wasting -- and I don't WANT to know!"

One of the enduring tales of 20th Century advertising was the client who said: "I know I am wasting half my advertising budget; I just don't know which half."

Direct marketers always knew what was wasted and what was working because their entire business model was based on sales performance.

According to this article from AdAge.com, a lot of modern marketers, including ones with strong direct marketing operations, still insist on wasting money.

Natalie Zmuda reports that despite incredible advances in our ability to analyze data, most marketers eschew the heavy lifting required to sift through the ones and zeroes and properly address their customers -- even/especially their best customers.

We have a similarly recalcitrant client and we've been bugging them for a while about this exact subject. It's good to know we aren't alone, but we will call them again today so we don't miss out on a couple of upcoming opportunities.

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